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Clement Center Air Conditioning Overview

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Founded in 1971, Clement Central Air Conditioning has more than 40 years of history. It is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in Italy and a well-known multinational company in the air-conditioning and refrigeration market in Europe and the world. The company obtained the product quality certification in 1992 and is one of the first companies in Italy to obtain ISO9001 product quality. In 1987, the product has obtained standard certificates such as ARI1590 and UNI9018. Clemente is an innovative and efficient first-class company in the field of central air conditioning. All products meet international standards such as ISPEL, TUV, VDE, SA and SDM in Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France and China. At present, the company's products are divided into ten categories, more than 20 series, more than 2,000 models.

Among them, the water source heat pump is the main product of Clement, with shallow ground energy (well water source, soil source, surface water or sewage, etc.) as the main energy source, supplemented by electric energy, and the underground equipment will be taken through this advanced equipment. The inexhaustible but difficult-to-use low-level energy is exploited to make it available for high-level energy.

Among them, the MFP is a highlight of Clement. It adopts a special design, so that the same unit can meet the cold demand and meet the different heat demand. The cold demand and heat demand can be automatically based on the actual situation. Adjustment.

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