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Beijing Sanxin Dingfeng Technology Co., Ltd. is an old business enterprise focusing on the refrigeration field for several 10 years. In 2020, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou, Fexuel refrigeration chemical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd


Our company is the general agent of FEXUEL lubricating oil in China. Main business scope: refrigeration compressor lubricant, process gas compressor lubricant, air compressor lubricant, automotive air conditioning compressor lubricant, etc.

Five series product structure: POE polyol ester, AB synthetic alkyl benzene, MO mineral oil series, PAO poly @ olefin, PAG polyether and other synthetic lubricants.

At the same time, it is also a vertical channel supplier of other original brand refrigeration oil, and is committed to building a "fluid aircraft carrier" in the refrigeration field!


FEXEUL refrigeration oil is now supplied by many central air conditioning, cold storage, quick freezing tunnel, water / heat pump and refrigeration compressor manufacturers in China. And for a number of outstanding enterprises in the industry to provide international export OEM services, and received praise.


We have been working hard for more than ten years, insisting on import quality, and serving more than 30000 customers in total.


Refrigeration oil series brands: FEXUEL, BVA, SUNISO, EMKARATE, CPI, BITZER, HANBELL, FUSHENG, YORK, Carrier, TRANE, DAPHNE, HITACHI, CLIMVENET, McQuay, Dunham-Bush...


The company adheres to the business philosophy of "professional, honest and trustworthy" to provide high-quality products and services. With years of accumulated experience and continuous innovation in the professional field, it has been unanimously affirmed and praised by customers in the same industry and won excellent reputation for the company.


Company service tenet: every drop of oil is a responsibility!


"Customer trust, the preferred brand supplier" is our enterprise from the first to the end of the pursuit. High quality products, reasonable prices, at a critical time can always provide you with the most perfect products and services.


Our company has a large storage base in Beijing and Guangzhou, North and south channel, the major provincial capital cities within 48 hours on time.

Address of Beijing head office: room 7102, 7 / F, building 8, 9 Guangping street, Daxing District, Beijing

Guangzhou Branch Address: room 1001, 10th floor, building 2, Shijing international building, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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